It‘s your Trade!

One Platform.

Four different trading modes.

TRADEMANIA gives you the ability to connect to many different Crypto Exchanges and trade with all crypto assets; Bitcoin, Ethereum, numerous Altcoins and many more.

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1. Our Service Is Free!

TRADEMANIA costs nothing to you and has no hidden fees.

2. A Clear Dashboard

Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to quickly familiarise yourself with our service an to easily get started with crypto trading.

3. Act Solo or Along With the Community

There are 4 different trading modes available. Whether
you are a newbie or an experienced trader–our platform is suitable for everyone.


Widget Bereich


Customise your own personal dashboard in just a few clicks. You choose which charts, positions or information should be displayed at a glance and you can easily add or remove widgets by dragging and dropping.

Manuelles Trading

Leverage Trading

If you are an experienced trader with proven profitable strategies, then this trading option is for you! You alone decide which trades you want to enter into and which ones you don’t.

Bot Trading


Algorithms (a.k.a. Bots) do the leg work here. Trading decisions are made independently and without the intervention of a trader. You can easily set the percentage of your equity to be traded, then let the bots do the rest.

Copy Trading


If you are a beginner, copy trading is a good alternative to manual trading. This means that as an investor you do not have to concern yourself with developing a strategy, but rather you “copy” the strategy of an experienced and professional trader.

Signal Trading


You can decide whether to follow a set signal or not. You will be made aware of any new signals via push notifications and/or e-mail messages, so you can find out which signaller has received a trade.

Launch Pad

The Launchpad:

In this area, young and dynamic start-ups, projects and established companies have a channel to present their innovations for the crypto market at large. This way you will always stay up-to-date with the latest!


Below you will find a current list of our future milestones.
The next implementation phase has already begun. Stay tuned!

Think Tank

A think tank is formed by a large, non-homogeneous group of people with different perspectives whom are all united in a specific topic. This allows for break-through inspiration and the realisation of new visions. Any input is welcomed, because the larger the input, the more efficient the result.

We have built TRADEMANIA based on this principle. Through the mingling of many ideas,
perspectives and visions from our partners and community, we have already been able to create
the basis for a sound crypto trading community. And this is just the beginning!

We are certain that we can all create something big together. That’s why our platform is community- and user-centric.

Our goal is to provide you with exactly the features that you need and help you to trade profitably.

You are invited to be an important part of our think tank community and we look forward to having you.

TRADEMANIA belongs to you!

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